Astrologer Agreement


          This is an online agreement, wherein when the 2nd party tries to register himself online with the 1st party i.e. Astrometry Talk, this agreement will be displayed on the web page and the 2nd Party on clicking the “I AGREE” button, shall mean and deem that the 2nd Party has read the agreement and accepts the terms and conditions of this agreement, whether he has read the agreement in full or not.


          Astrometry Talk is the creator, author and publisher of the internet resource “ and is inclusive but not limited to the application “Astrometry Talk”. ‘Astrometry Talk(“Portal”) owns and operates the services provided through the Website


This legal terms (Terms & Conditions) include the present Terms & Conditions with the Privacy Policy and Astrometry Talk reserves its right to update, change, modify, add or remove any present terms which will be communicated to you in time via  e-mail/Notification/Messaging services or through our portal/website. Your automatic acceptance of the revised Terms & Conditions will be in effect if no communication is confirmed from your side within three days of communication.

Terms & Conditions :-

1.       First party / Astrometry Talk have the rights to update, change, modify, add or remark the present terms of this agreement which shall be duly communicated to you via – massage /Email/website/Application/others you have to agree on all the changes in the terms and conditions made by first party hereinafter.

2.       The second party (you) should be loyal & honest to the service terms of the first party, and the 1st party cannot disclose any thing related to privacy policy.

3.       The present terms along with any changes brought in the present service terms and conditions will be duly communicated to you and the terms shall be binding on both the parties.

4.       You agree not to disclose your personal identity on the profile. You will be assigned specific display name associated with the profile picture being uploaded by you. The display name used at our platform (Astrometry Talk) cannot be changed without raising a request to first-party (Astrometry Talk). You are prohibited to use the same display name at any other platform or at Astrometry Talk any other website over the internet during the currency of the agreement.

5.       You are prohibited to publicize your work carried on while providing your services with the above display name and profile at our website without seeking written permission from Astrometry Talk.

6.       You agree that you shall not use the exact/same display name & profile picture for a period of 5 years from the date of termination of this contract/cessation of your profile /relation with Astrometry Talk

7.       You agree not to disclose your real name / full name/alias name to any customer being assigned to you for consultation. You shall be using only the display name provided to you by first party / Astrometry Talk for any communication taking place at the platform either in the form of phone consulting, reviews, consultation, comments …… etc. violation of which will attract immediate legal action without any warning by the compliance team at the platform (Astrometry Talk).

8.       You declare and affirm that any information provided by you to the first party/Astrometry Talk and uploaded by you on the website is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief. No information provided by you is against law and illegal. It is agreed between both parties that if any information provided by you is found to be untrue or wrong, immediate legal action will be taken as per law with a penalty as would be decided by the compliance team of Astrometry Talk will be imposed and your profile shall be deactivated immediately without any information to you.

9.       You agree that you shall not work/ deliver your services anywhere over the internet imparting similar services and you are also prohibited to use a disguised alias name while trying to deliver your service (similar to the service being delivered at (Astrometry Talk) on a different platform over the internet, violation of this clause will attract immediate legal action, de-activation of your profile without any warning and penalty may be imposed by the compliance team of   Astrometry Talk as deemed fit and proper.

10.     You agree that you shall not open a similar platform for a period of 5 years from the cessation of your profile started with Astrometry Talk. You are prohibited to use the tag of Astrometry Talk to lure the customers advised through the platform of Astrometry Talk.

11.     You agree that your every voice call and Chat will be recorded by Astrometry Talk platform for review purposes and you cannot object to the same at any point of time or under any circumstances.

12.     After your profile has been made live and upon termination of the present terms, Astrometry Talk shall have the rights to display your profile on this platform for 5 years, the profile has not been deactivated / removed for violation of any terms and conditions of the present terms between the both parties.

13.     You should be under obligation to treat the customer in cool while approaching through our platform. You can’t use filthy language, imparting threats.  Breaking of this, will attract penalty by the compliance team of Astrometry Talk and deactivation of your profile.

14.     You can’t end the call/ cheat from your side till the client is online and paid fees for the specific time. For disobeying this, penalty of Rs 5500/- or as will be decided by the compliance team of Astrometry Talk will be imposed.

15.     You should always be kind and polite to the customer from your end. If ever the customer misbehaves or use any filthy or foul language, you can disconnect the call, which shall again be a subject matter of the compliance team of Astrometry Talk

16.     You agree to provide all data about yourself in details as will be asked during the online registration process.

17.     Time commitment – you agree to render a minimum of 4 live hours on the website in a day, subject to availability of clients.

18.     You are strictly prohibited to use the website for promoting your benefit (in any manner) and this will attract immediate legal action as per law with penalty as would be decided by the compliance team of Astrometry Talk.

19.     You are prohibited to predict and or give any type of opinion with regards to the gender of a unborn child. For violating it you will be immediately terminated and you will loose all your earnings and will be prosecuted under the relevant law prevailing as on that date.

20.     You will be given next online timing before or after log out from your first online consultancy.

21.     You cannot react in any form of abusive way on any reviews against you, given by any client. However on your request the compliance team of Astrometry Talk can review the call records and if the client was found to be abusive in any form, then the review against you can be deleted by the compliance team of Astrometry Talk.

22.     You are not authorised to delete any review, against you, without raising the request with the compliance team of Astrometry Talk.

23.     For violating 21 & 22 the compliance team of Astrometry Talk shall take appropriate action against you as will be decided by them.

24.     You agree to share in the proportion of 50:50 of the amount paid by the customer for consultancy through Astrometry Talk and also agree to pay all the service charges related to consultation.

25.     You agree that you can’t update your profile without consent of the Astrometry Talk.

26.     You agree that any service rendered by you through the platform is changeable and also you are agreed that if any complaint is being received from any user/ customer seeking refund of the amount paid on the website the complaint shall be subject to review from the administration/ compliance team. If the complaint is found genuine, the refund shall be processed accordingly either in full or partial without seeking your approval (it is also applicable for foreign user). Further in case of genuine complaints reviewed by the compliance team of Astrometry Talk and any amount is retained by Astrometry Talk, you will not be entitled to receive any share of that amount.

27.     Any disputes arising out of the law of the present terms shall be governed by the law applicable to the Courts at Jaipur

29.     Neither party may assign these terms nor any of their rights or obligation under this term without the other party’s written consent.